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Dakota / Cummins ISB170

2008 Dakota / ISB170 Cummins conversion:

Dakota diesel conversion


This 08 Dakota conversion was a challenge. The Cummins is just so much larger than the 4.7 and getting the ECM of both engine and chassis to function properly took a lot of work.


Dakota diesel conversion


Old gas motor sitting beside the Cummins ISB170. The Cummins is a lot taller than the 4.7 V8.

We replaced the automatic transmission with a brand new NV4500 and with a little machining made an Isuzu bell-housing couple it to the Cummins.


Dakota diesel conversion


The Cummins was a tight fit and the front diff had to be lowered by about 2". Had to do a 3" body lift and 1 1/2" leveling kit in order to fit it all underneath.


Dakota diesel conversion hood up


See the full build overview in the video below:



This Dakota conversion required the following modifications:

  • Add a 1" front drive shaft spacer
  • Custom rear drive shaft
  • Adapted an NV4500 five speed standard transmission to a vehicle that was originally an automatic
  • Fabricated new engine mounts
  • New radiator mounts
  • Modified the oil pan
  • Added sound shield to the firewall
  • New air conditioning hoses
  • New power steering hose made
  • New exhaust
  • New throttle pedal
  • 2" suspension lift
  • 3" body lift
  • Custom front and rear bumper
  • Rear airbags with on-board air with in-cab and rear bumper controls for ride height
  • Turbo upgrade
  • Large intercooler
  • Boost fooler
  • Larger injectors
  • 3" stainless exhaust


Dakota diesel conversion


The body lift allowed a storage box to be built under the rear seat as well as a place to put the 12 volt battery since the engine compartment is full. The Dakota has very limited storage so its a very handy box.


Dakota diesel conversion

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