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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does TDconversions do conversions on customer vehicles?

  • No I do not, I am only producing the engine to transmission adapters and the universal mount kit at this time.

What is the cost to convert?

  • Conversion cost depends on the vehicle you are converting and the performance level you want.
  • The TDI comes stock ranging from about 90hp up to about 150hp. This can be increased with an upgraded turbo and ECM flash as well as injectors. These upgrades can add from about $400 for an ECM tune to over $3K for a turbo, ECM tune and injectors.
  • The basic engine to transmission adapter is $1125 and an older TDI engine can be as low as $500. Add in some motor mounts and you could be on the road for under $2000.
  • A typical late 2003+ TDI with ECM, harness and throttle pedal is usually about $2500.


Am I going to save money by converting?

  • Yes the diesel should get almost double what the gas engine got for mileage so cost recovery is quite quick.
  • How long it takes to recover the cost depends on the size of the vehicle and your driving habits. If you drive with your foot to the floor all the time even a diesel will get lower mileage. Heavier vehicles will also get less mileage than a lighter one.
  • Even when diesel is a bit more expensive at the pumps your still saving due to the increased MPG


Do automatic transmissions work for conversions?

  • Yes an automatic can usually be made to work but won’t get as good fuel mileage as a standard will.
  • Most late model automatics are controlled by the vehicles engine computer or TCM. These can be more difficult to use behind a diesel without reprogramming the ECM or installing a standalone TCM.


Can a full size truck or van be converted?

  • These larger vehicles would need a larger four cylinder diesel like the Cummins 4BT / ISB170 or the larger 6 cylinder diesels. We have also used the Isuzu 4HF engines found in the Isuzu NPR trucks. These are quite common to find and with a bit of injector pump work can produce quite a bit of power.


How easy is it to install a kit?

  • It depends on which vehicle you want to convert and how much mechanical experience you have.
  • If you’re converting a vehicle that we have a kit for then it’s a fairly easy job since we have engineered the parts to fit.
  • If you're converting a vehicle that we don’t have a full kit for, first check that there is an adapter available as it can be one of the harder parts for the average home mechanic to fabricate on their own.

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