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Jeep Grand Cherokee / Isuzu 4JB1-TC


Jeep conversion


Jeep conversion


TD Conversions installed an Isuzu 4JB1-TC into this 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The engine was adapted to a Jeep AX15 five speed transmission which will replace to original automatic tranny.

The engine of choice is a new Isuzu 4JB1-TC, 2.8L turbo-charged and inter-cooled 4 cylinder

Left picture shows the original engine and right picture shows the new diesel bolted to the Jeep AX15 tranny, red spacer is the adapter.


Jeep conversionJeep conversion


With the old straight six removed there is quite a large hole left. Once fitting of the Isuzu diesel starts that large hole gets too small very quickly!

Installed the Isuzu "industrial" exhaust manifold to get better turbo clearance with the firewall but the mounting flange was at a different angle than the one we removed so a wedge was built to correct it.

Motor mounts were a challenge as always but after a few tries we got it right.

The original Isuzu rad, A/C condenser and inter cooler will all bolt together and drop into the Jeep as a single unit on new fabricated mounts.

Jeep conversionJeep conversion


Jeep conversion



This Jeep conversion required the following modifications:

  • Shortened the front drive shaft 3"
  • Lengthened the rear drive shaft 3"
  • Adapted a 5 speed standard transmission to a vehicle that was originally an automatic
  • Re-bent shifter to clear dash
  • Removed the fuel pump from the gas tank and installed a pickup tube
  • Fabricated new engine mounts
  • New radiator mounts
  • Modified the oil pan
  • Added sound shield to the firewall
  • New air conditioning hoses
  • New power steering hose made Jeep / Isuzu
  • New exhaust
  • New throttle cable
  • 2" suspension lift


Jeep conversion


Finally on the road, awesome vehicle to drive. Lots of power and great fuel economy, about 35 mpg (imperial) which give the Jeep about a 1000km range per tank!! Noise was a problem (for a family vehicle) at first but we added a little more sound shielding to the transmission tunnel and modified the stock air box to quieten the intake noise. These two efforts have made a huge difference to the interior sound level. Used a Jeep V8 muffler and tail pipe with a custom built header pipe all in 2 1/4" which gives low back pressure and very quiet exhaust. A few tricks to fool the Jeep computer so all the original sensors and gauges work

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